What is rEVOLUTION MEDIA? Due to the lack of an appropriate term, we called it Social Media Marketing, but the rEVOLUTION product is much more complex and ensures Everything from what a business needs to market its products, to creating complementary strategies, such as: product strategies, sales strategies and branding strategies. Experience has shown us that just by having a business, without attracting as much traffic as possible, it is impossible to have a conversion (when we refer to conversion, we refer to the customer who pays for your product / service). The online environment is extremely dynamic and bidding at the same time, but this multitude of offers has created a lot of confusion, making it very difficult for businesses to understand this environment, to adapt and then to implement the necessary strategies to extract better results. Everything is accentuated by the fact that there is no school that actually teaches "WHAT TO DO ONLINE". Moreover, a LOT of poor information related to this subject has circulated and still circulates, as a result only poor information is reached. Today's online environment is a combination of strategies, a lot of test-based analysis and at the same time THE FEEL. We came to this conclusion after practice, testing and experience. Being primarily practitioners (we have not only achieved our goal but continue to reach new goals by maintaining various activities in the online environment), we have extensively studied the algorithm behind social platforms and how the user consumes online content. NO ONE enters a social platform, irregardless of which one, to just buy something, and the purpose of any social platform is to protect its consumer, NOT the INTEREST of BUSINESS (this can be found even in the terms and conditions of dedicated platforms: Facebook, Instagram, etc.) . Therefore, the business must understand the consumer very well and enter his state through communication and chosen marketing strategies and not the other way around - the consumer in the business. In other words, the traditional "my product, my price" NO LONGER WORKS! It is very easy to be ignored and here comes the great "pain". Unlike other advertising methods, THE PERFORMANCE OF PAID CAMPAIGNS IS DICTATED BY THE CONSUMER. Or, to be even more direct, if you don't know how to speak the consumer's language, a swipe up becomes fatal. Now you can understand why your campaigns don't work.

Values of rEVOLUTION MEDIA - Our approach is 80% value and 20% call to action. In social media communication and creating online communities today, if you do not know how to attract attention through a smart strategy based on the needs of your consumer, they will not join you. Because they want transparency, sincerity, emotion, empathy and fun. And if you don't arouse their interest, they will look elsewhere. At the same time, if you storm them with offers, discounts and promotions, people will feel annoyed and will feel that, for you, they are just a wallet.
We teach you how to place yourself in the market and differentiate yourself - not to communicate like the others. So, you will not enter into price-based communication, but we will use the awareness created by the whole market and we will get conversions, because we understand Social Media consumers. How do we do this? Simple! Through massive testing, adaptation and creating interaction to actually see what the feedback is. BECAUSE WE CARE FOR REAL!!
Communication in SOCIAL MEDIA must be very fast and you must constantly adapt. That's why we've created results-based collaboration packages that contain EVERYTHING you need in order to succeed.

WHAT IS THE rEVOLUTION MEDIA SOLUTION? The work volume on an online platform is VERY LARGE and that is why the classic companies run away from this activity, because they require extensive expertise in various fields, which involves high costs. We have found a solution: INTERNALIZATION! We've found people with a huge passion in all of these areas, such as: people who love to communicate emotionally for copywriting, people who are experts in advertising campaigns, in streamlining, adapting and tracking client evolution, all set for conversion, not IMPACT or LIKEs, people who are extremely creative in graphic design and cinematography, people who are eager to interact with others and communicate to find solutions, not problems. And we are constantly growing! We have created departments of: ORGANIC CONTENT CREATION, PAID CAMPAIGNS, PHOTO / VIDEO CONTENT CREATION, COPYWRITING CREATION, PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNITY ADMINISTRATION. However, we come with state-of-the-art technology, from PCs to software and cameras. Therefore, we have the necessary resources to meet the objectives of any level of business and we are ready to implement them in any small, medium or large business.

Even if you understand everything that means you have generated RESULTS in today's online environment and the options you have and choose to hire an intern, you will still have to prepare him through various courses, some of which do not exist. This training will be an investment, on the other hand to hire a person who has at least some of these skills will cost you a lot (salary + salary taxes). The output of results obtained this way will be downsized, if not absent, and the implementation time of the online communication strategy will be long, because an employee will work 8 hours a day, with free weekends. Social Media does not sleep on Saturdays and Sundays, on the contrary, it's the moment people have more time to see your content. So, our answer to make sure that a proper implementation is made was the following: creating packages to replace this "optimal" solution, to hire one good person at all, and to provide you with our experts in these areas. How do we proceed? Well, we will edit a contract agreed by both parties, after we perform an audit and after we build a strategy together, through which we customize the services offered to ensure that THERE WILL BE RESULTS and we get to work.

We take control of the Social Media accounts of your business, because we create the content, send you to approve and then we post, we ensure the interaction with your audience and we make sure that everything works as you saw in our offer. This way, you get rid of worries: we do the job, and you reap the results. WHY? Because we are also passionate about our work and we know how important it is to have time for your passion. SO WE DO WHAT WE LOVE SO YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU LOVE! FACI CEEA CE IUBEȘTI!


Marketing, Branding, Consulting in an interconnected and a complementary process


We analyze in detail the business in relation to the online / offline market and competition. We identify how you are perceived, what we can improve (if necessary) in the short, medium and long term. This identifies the size of the existing brand.


In any business you need 3 strategies: branding strategy, marketing strategy and sales strategy. YES! You need all 3 to work in tandem and YES we get involved in sales too! We are interested in how you make the sale, from trial to mode and actual conversion. If you are out of ideas, you don't have to worry, we have a LOT!


You need TRAFFIC but especially SALES! Neither TV nor classic commercials work! We have created an ecosystem that contains viable sources for generating traffic to the SITE, the place where the conversion / sale is made, with well-set goals and with the help of Artificial Intelligence provided by Facebook.


Not everyone who visits your site BUYS! That's why in our conversion process we custom create a functional FUNNEL to ensure that all resources are used to the fullest. In this way, we streamline budgets at a RECORD level and identify the most likely customers to buy what they sell.


The social platform algorithm is extremely demanding. You need to be present online every day and this requires significant resources in any company, time or money. We make sure that these requirements are met. Communication and follow-up for us are extremely important so through meetings. recurring we make sure that everything is within the set parameters. And. from over 7 years of international experience we have learned not to stress you to give us YOU content but to create it yourself. YES! We have dedicated teams of photographers, graphic designers and videographers to make your vision a reality, more than anything. The package benefits from these services the difference is made only by the multiple and complex product and branding strategy.


SALES come MOSTLY from paid campaigns! We launch the campaigns and then follow their evolution and performance.


We combine emotion with the analytical part to identify the best solution for your business. This way we can identify the best way to get where you want to go, namely to your customer, when he is most willing to buy what you offer! By identifying a cost per subsequent purchase we can scale budgets so that it is possible to scale turnover.


ALL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES ARE BASED ON SYSTEMS! This aspect is really a differentiating factor. We put all our experience and experts at your disposal to succeed in creating a successful scalable business together.


We would rather have only long-term collaborations and also want to be 100% responsible and we ask you to do the same. Starting from this, your success means our success so you will ACTIVELY RECEIVE BUSINESS, MARKETING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY. This is why we freely expose who we collaborate with and each and every one of our clients becomes our partner. We represent every business like it is ours and one of rEVO tribe's motto is ALL IN or ALL OUT! if you are with us, we are 1000% with you!


We are all constantly evolving! Even when you reach your TARGET there is a new TARGET! So, according to the principle "if you don't want me, I want you", we will expose the following possible shortcomings and we will even propose development strategies. In short, you have access to specialists who are passionate about what they do, because they are chosen according to important criteria, dedicated to such high quality and personalized prices that any internal person cannot compete with. Now it's up to you to convince yourself. So we are waiting for you for a coffee at our headquarters in Berna street no. 7 or where it is more convenient for you. Give the necessary importance to your business!

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Since 2017 we are present in Romania and Germany.


❐ We understand the need of every BUSINESSES or ENTREPRENEURS. That is why the packages offered by us covers everything from a MINIMUM necessary on SOCIAL MEDIA to a level of THE HIGHEST QUALITY both visually and content wise .

❐ Social Media Marketing is NOT just about beautiful posts. The game is much more complex than that and just making posts will not help you in the short or long term. On the contrary, if they are made without the interest of the consumer in mind when creating the content, you will remove your current followers. You will be considered as a SPAM.

❐ That's why rEVOLUTION Media is an incubator for companies that are not just marketers. We are also interested in growing businesses because it can provide medium to long term stability. So we offer Social Media Marketing, PR Basic services - through BLOGPOSTS, MICROINFLUENCING, BUSINESS & SALES Consulting and Development are all included in packages of at least 2 platforms, of course all based on the requirements of our clients.



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Since 2017 we are present in Romania and Germany.



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Since 2017 we are present in Romania and Germany.

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